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Partnership overview

We are so excited that you are interested in becoming a partner with Catalyst Community Church.  We understand this is a significant decision in your life as a Christian Believer and we don't take that lightly.  Take your time.  Review each of the 5 videos (Partnership Overview and all 4 Principles), the Catalyst Way, and Catalyst Beliefs and then when you are ready, sign the Catalyst Covenant.

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Invite Principle - Principle #1

1st principle

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Zacchaeus Principle - principle #2

2nd principle

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bison priniciple - principle #3

3rd principle

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shamgar principle - principle #4

4th principle

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the catalyst way

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catalyst beliefs

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are you ready to become a partner?

Once you have watched the Partnership Overview and all 4 Principles, reviewed the Catalyst Way and Catalyst Beliefs, and are in agreement with our direction and ready to join us on this journey, we would love for you to click button below and sign the Catalyst Covenant.  If you are not ready, we understand that also.  If you have more questions before signing, please reach out to us here.

Sign Covenant