Blake Sims

Community Group Pastor

Blake grew up in Glencoe with a passion for music and worship since his youth. Blake's had many guys he looked up to who inspired and invested in him to pursue his involvement in worship ministry. Here's a little more about our Worship Coach!

Passion for People

It all started with his sister teaching him a handful of guitar chords around the age of twelve on an old Washburn 6-string. From that point forward, he taught himself to play guitar, drums, and keys. Blake grew up in a household with an alcoholic father. Although those childhood days were not always pleasant, they helped shape the man he would become.

Blake has always had a desire to help people and truly make a difference in the lives of others. He went to ministry school to learn more about the Word and to be able to teach others about what it means to follow Jesus. Blake has been involved in ministry for fifteen years and is very excited to return to Catalyst. He was one of the first guys to be a part of Catalyst when it was planted and is very excited to be serving as the worship guy.

After having the internal struggle of whether or not he was doing enough to make an impact in lives outside the church walls, he has decided to go back to school at Jacksonville State University to earn his elementary education teaching degree. He wants be a positive father-like figure to these students and display the love of Christ to those around him. Blake is married to his beautiful wife, Taylor. They have been married for four years. Blake and Taylor anticipate God doing some amazing things at Catalyst, and they look forward to being a part of it.

Spare time: playing guitar, traveling, watching movies, and cooking.

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