Blake Champion

Student Pastor

Champ grew up in Southside and has lived there the majority of his life. He is currently employed by the Gadsden City School System in the Special Education Dept. and serves as the assistant instructor at Beautiful Rainbow Café in the Gadsden Public Library. When Champ agreed to come on board with us here at Catalyst, we were stoked - knowing that our Student Ministry was heading to the next level!  Here's more about Champ!

Passion for Student Ministry

Growing up in church, he always felt like there was something more for him to do. He answered the call to ministry the summer after high school graduation. Since that moment in 1996, he has served in Student Ministry, whether in the capacity of church staff or student camp leadership. He loves working with students because they are all so unique. He is passionate about connecting with them and then being able to connect them with Christ. He really believes the success of student ministry is based on building sincere relationships and just being real with them. 

In 2014 Champ was given the chance to really put some faith in action. He had a student by the name of David Hodges who became very involved at church. David was involved in the Special Olympics basketball and swimming. This young man was living with his father and enjoying life when his life was turned upside down through the death of his Father. Champ knew that God was going to use him in a significant way by providing him a place to live and becoming his legal guardian. David has been with Champ ever since. It hasn't been easy but it's been worth it!  In 2017, Champ married Kasie and his family was complete.  Well, until they found out they were pregnant.  Champ and Kasie had a beautiful little girl in April 2018. They have a wonderful dog named Charlie who gets better treatment then he does, but he loves him anyway.

Champ joined Catalyst as the Student Pastor in September 2017. 

Spare time: watching Alabama Football and hanging out with friends.  He loves

gardening, sitting around the smoker grilling, and cooking.