Catalyst believes in Partnership, not Membership. Membership implies you expect people to serve you. Partnership implies you’re willing to serve others. It’s the difference between being a member of a gym and a partner in owning the gym. As a member if the towels are dirty and the temperature in the pool is too cold you go and complain. As a partner, you take the initiative to go and fix it.

Our new online Partnership videos allow you to take your time and learn what it means to be a Partner at Catalyst. We’ll tell you the Catalyst story, walk through our beliefs and structure, and allow you the ability to take a personality, passion, and spiritual gifts test. If you’d like to partner after the class, great! If not, no problem! Take as long as you need to “kick the tires” and ask the questions you need to. No pressure at all. People from all walks of life and various backgrounds walks through our door and we all have different definitions of normal. Our Partnership Class helps to define what our “normal” is at Catalyst.

There are several sessions. Go through them at your own pace. Sessions are…

  1. Catalyst 101- Who We Are (beginnings, vision, structure, etc)
  2. Essentials 201
  3. Discovery 301 (personality test, spiritual gifts test, passion test)

Once complete, if you’d like to partner, just fill the form out, sign it, and bring it to church and drop it off at the Welcome Station. You’ll receive a new partners shirt to wear the next week so we can welcome you to the Catalyst family. That way everyone will know you’ve joined us without ever having to "come down front." 

Beginning Easter 2018, each month Catalyst will host a "Pizza with the Pastor" luncheon directly after morning worship (childcare provided). This will allow you and your family get to know us a little better and we can learn more about you. One of our pastors will lead this and answer any questions you might have.

getting started

If you are ready to start Catalyst 101, click the image below. Continue at your own pace. If you have any questions, be sure to let us know by clicking here.

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